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Vintage Ball and Chain Layered Necklace

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What we love about this necklace:
The Vintage Ball and Chain Layered Necklace by Pretty Simple is a mix of class and elegance. The y-drop style layer has charm on the chain and at the base and layers of gold chains accent for a complete look that is vintage, classic and effortless. This gorgeous necklace is trendy yet has touch of class for everyday accessorizing.

About the maker:
Pretty Simple was founded in 2014 by breast cancer survivor and newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetic, Leah. Her product philosophy aligns perfectly with FN, as their items are more than something you wear. They are a part of a lifestyle of living with purpose and pursuing your dreams. A portion of all sales is donated back to non-profits such as The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and T1 International.

It is made of:
gold-plated brass

Here's how to care for it:
• store jewelry in a cloth bag or small plastic zip lock
• use a jewelry cloth to clean everyday oils off
• avoid contact with chemicals such as hairspray, lotions, perfumes, etc.

The measurements are: