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Malicious Women Candles - Life & Family Collection

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Malicious Women Candle Co. handcrafted soy candles are natural and burn cleaner than traditional paraffin candles. The scented, creamy soy wax is hand poured into a vintage apothecary style recyclable jar. After approximately 45 hours of burn time or when the candle wax burns down to 1/4" from the bottom of the jar, simply melt the remaining soy wax in very hot water and wipe clean.

  • 100% Natural Soy (Grown and Manufactured in the U.S.)  Hand poured in Snohomish, WA
  • The Finest Custom Blended Fragrances
  • Braided Cotton with Paper Core Wick (Zinc & Lead Free)
  • No Additives (UV Inhibitors/ binders/ stabilizers or artificial colors)
  • Labels made from Recycled Kraft Paper
  • 9 oz. Reusable Apothecary (3.75" High X 2.75 DIA) Jar with Strong Metal Lid.
  • Burn Time: Approximately 40 - 50 hours

The scents:

Pink Chandelier: This scent combination is amazing! Tart bergamot and sweet Sicilian orange are the top notes with cotton candy and warm vanilla to round out the base.

Lavender & Coconut Water: Relax with the smell of French Lavender & and refreshing coconut water in this refreshing spa scent. Undertones of Tonka bean, Amber & Vanilla creates a sweet ending to this calming scent.

Shiplap Orchard: Apple, orange, and pear mixed with barnwood and fresh brown cinnamon, this scent is the perfect blend to burn in your craft room while hand lettering shiplap.

Pear & Ivy: Tart and juicy, this scent captures the irresistible flavor of luscious, fresh-cut pears blended with the earthy goodness of garden ivy.

Espresso Yo' Self: The best part of waking up is warm roasted Columbian coffee beans. Dark espresso with hints of buttery caramel and vanilla whipped cream create a balanced blend that will have your coffee cup on defense.

Frooty Loops: Overload your senses with this mix of lemon, cherry, and lime with a heavy hand of sugar coating that won't make your sweet tooth ache.

Blueberry Cobbler:  It smells just like blueberry cobbler.

Cabernet All Day: True wine connoisseurs enjoy with all their senses which is why MWCC pour a strong sweet grape aroma and hints of strawberries and sugar into your glass (jar). Has a great scent throw!

Citrus & Sage: The perfect kitchen candle. The clean scent has top notes of mandarin, tangerine, ruby red grapefruit, and lemon rinds and bottom notes of fresh white sage leaves. One MWCC bestie calls it "freshly showered man". Take that as you want.

Clean Linen: Set your laundry on fire--if only in your mind. Crisp cotton scents will fill the air that is so clean that you'll (almost) regret not running a load of whites.

Cosmic Dreams: The floral sweetness of hibiscus & rosebud dances sublimely with the subtle, earthy notes of garden mint & rosemary. Take a journey!

Cotton Candy & Pine: This scent is as unusual and complex as a woman herself. I blended this beautiful scent myself and I guarantee you won’t find another scent like it. It is soft & strong, sweet & earthy, and to me…it smells like hiking through a glitter-covered forest. It’s so good and it is so Spring and Summer!

Berry Bellini: The rich tang of ripe blood orange blends seamlessly with the sweetness of fresh berries and subtle notes of palm sugarcane in this thirst-quenching scent.

Fig & Rosemary: Top notes of rosemary and spring herbs are warmed with hints of fig leaf and white jasmine and grounded with a luscious splash of creamy coconut.

Cedar & Suede: The warm scent of red cedar, suede & wafts of caramel & vanilla will whisk you to a quiet porch in a cedar forest. Let yourself go. Life will be waiting outside the door.

Rebel Rose: The smell of beautiful garden roses with none of the mess. This rose has been blended with strong oak for an earthy scent that is sure to please even the toughest florist.

Shea Butter & Almond: The aroma of rich shea butter blends seamlessly with sweet & nutty almond, and soft golden honey notes. Imagine the perfect massage but in smell form.

Oakmoss & Amber: Musky & rich wood combines with amber bottom notes that will please even the most difficult of noses. Everyone loves this strong gender-fluid fragrance.