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Hand-Carved Bone Ellipse and Pendant Earring

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What we love about these earrings:
Whether blonde or brunette, the ebony/ivory combo of this earring flatters and fine-tunes your fashion signature!

About beanepôle bijoux:
beanepôle bijoux was created by Barbara Driscoll, a veteran fashion stylist and a dear friend to FN.  The name comes from a moniker her big sister, Dana, affectionately used in reference to Barbara's gawky, pole-like 5'11" teenaged frame.  Barbara's love of fashion, along with the frustration of a bite-sized budget, led to the genesis of beanepôle bijoux.  Long a fan of larger, statement-type earrings, and not finding very many cool, affordable pieces out there, Barbara decided, with the help of her talented husband Robert, to create her own pair or two.  She wore them often and was frequently asked by friends and even strangers, where she purchased them.  She got to thinking there might be enough interest to try her luck at making and selling jewelry for her statement-earring-loving sisters.  And voilá, beanepôle bijoux was born!

It is made of:
natural bone, resin and brass

The measurements are:
approximately 3-3/4" long

Other things to note:
Each unique pair by beanepôle bijoux is made by hand using raw materials that include natural bone, horn, leather, suede, brass and silver findings.  Though patterns may be duplicated, the beautiful imperfections that nature and human hands create, render each of her earrings unique...even within a single pair.