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Birthday Clown Gift Candle

Birthday Clown Gift Candle

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What we love about this candle:
Celebrate their special day with a touch of humor and charm! This 16oz soy wax blend candle comes in a fancy paint can with a retro-style label. The front message wishes them a “Fab & Fun (and non-creepy!) Happy Birthday,” while the back message cheerfully acknowledges their new year with cake, balloons, and non-creepy fun. With a scent of birthday cake and a hint of “Underwhelming Anxiety,” it includes a gift tag on the lid—no need for a separate card! Featuring a handmade wooden wick for a natural, even burn, this candle provides approximately 70 hours of enjoyment. Made in the United States, it's a perfect blend of humor and thoughtfulness.

About the brand:
Scents of Accomplishment is a vintage-inspired company that creates small-batch goodies to celebrate life's little victories. Each product is carefully curated to serve as a gift, card, and thoughtful message all in one. The company aims to simplify gift-giving, especially for those who are hard to shop for, with fun and unique scents that celebrate achievements.

The size:
This is a 16 oz. candle with approximately 70 hours of burn time.