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Why Women and Koala Bears Have So Much in Common

For as long as I can remember the koala bear has been my absolute favorite animal.  It recently occurred to me why.  I mean, I've never met an actual Koala bear.  In fact, I've never even traveled to a country where they live.  Yes, they're cute but so are kittens right?

Well, the other day when a customer commented how happy she was about the pockets in the dress she was buying and I was in the middle of my "I know right!?" it hit me.  POCKETS.  We women LOVE having places to store our "stuff" when an extra hand is called upon.  This is true of all types of women too, not just us single moms who are always trying to find a spot to stuff that snot-filled tissue.  I've noticed throughout meeting my many different customers - retired women, busy working women, creative free-spirits, moms, students - ALL seem to have a love for pockets.  Especially in unexpected pieces like dresses.

A-Line Tie Front Dress, with pockets


Phases of the moon dress with pockets

Phases of the Moon Dress, with pockets


Floral & Plaid Overall Jumper, with pockets


So here at FN we pledget to all of our favorite FN-atics that we will continue to procure the elusive "dress with pockets" and other wardrobe essentials with pockets to keep up with the koalas. 

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