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What Community Means At FN

When I first began conceptualizing the brand Fresh Nostalgia, I knew it had to be more than just a place to buy clothing.  At first, I called it a "lifestyle".  While this is still true, it has evolved into more than that.  FN is a place for COMMUNITY.  Does that look a little different today, with social distancing?  Yes, absolutely.  But community doesn't just mean being close physically.  It's a sense of belonging, while still being yourself.  A sense of  empowerment and support.  A sense of home.

As I have mentioned, there was some conceptual thinking that went on before I built FN.  I had a very specific ideal customer in mind.  She has many qualities some of which may include the following.  She is creative, is educated, is well traveled, enjoys reading, appreciates interior design, has or wants children, is typically social, appreciates wine, and of course appreciates a unique fashion style akin to being yourself on purpose!  While this is a great summary of who is "ideal" to shop at FN, it of course does not limit our customer base to these qualities.  Since then, we have noticed our customers resemble one of three types of women.  The following are TRULY our community here at FN.

The Young Professional

This is our customer who is probably fresh out of college in the recent few years, ready to take on the world in her new career as a creative professional!  We will call her Allie.  She is in a transition period and is really excited about exploring all that the city has to offer in regards to culture and vibrancy.  She enjoys activism, meeting new people and appreciates a sense of community.  Our trendy basics and versatile pieces are what she looks for at FN to build her wardrobe for work, networking and other city/social events.  Allie certainly appreciates a panel discussion of entrepreneurs held right in the FN shop for an informative evening on building your own business.

The Creative Mom

Our creative mom shopper is not only a mom but so much more!  Having enough time in the day is probably her biggest concern when it comes to shopping.  We love to help out our busy moms by providing a personal shopping experience.  Keeping sizes, likes/dislikes and special requests on file helps us help her quickly elevate her wardrobe when needed!  Our creative mom, we'll call her Sarah, also appreciates our affordable style pieces that are versatile to span many seasons.  She loves our attention to little details such as ruffles and buttons that are never overdone.  Sarah might schedule a private sip-n-shop party to celebrate her best friend's birthday in a unique girl's night out style!

The Style Sophisticate

Many of our customers fall into a group of lovely ladies also going through a "shift" in phase of life.  They are either nearing retirement age (or are simply thinking of retirement) and are also nearing or already at that "empty nest" phase of life.  She definitely knows what we mean at FN when we say "Style Confidence"!  She is quite comfortable with her style at this point in her life and she just loves taking a style risk that makes her feel like herself (on purpose, of course!).  We will call her Susan and she loves finding new, fun and bold pieces from FN such as this hand beaded clutch by From St. Xavier.  Susan also enjoys a sophisticated event at FN such as an evening sipping bubbly while enjoying a relaxing massage in the shop.

So we invite you to the FN family whether you visit the truck, the shop in the cultural district or online on our website we hope you relax and explore to your heart's content.  Our hope for the FN shopping experience is that you not only enjoy our carefully curated collections of clothing, accessories, home & gifts but are also drawn to our sincerity and soulfulness.  No matter what kind of customer you are, you are welcome at FN and hope you always strive to be yourself...on purpose!

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