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The Rzewnicki Sisters List of Favorite Things

My sisters (Laurie, Kathy & Susan) and I love to text each other about our latest and greatest favorite things that we recommend to each other.  I'm talking anything from a frying pan to face moisturizer.  We even have a group text saved in our phones entitled "Sister Squad".  On one of our recent chains, someone suggested we keep a running list of these items.  Then that gave me an idea...why not share it with my FN community?  After all, here at FN, we are all about lifting each other up, and what better way than to share some of those little things that can in some small way lift our spirits knowing that someone we trust loves it?  So, here you go, ladies... I hope you find something you never knew was so awesome!

Trifold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror from is highly recommended from my sister Laurie.  She says, "I never knew bad I was at putting my makeup on!"  With 21 LED lights and 3x/2x/1x magnification, this mirror helps her see better when she's applying her makeup which allows her to step out of the house with extra confidence!  She also loves the price and the fact that it doesn't take up much room on her vanity so it's great for small spaces.  At the time of this writing, Amazon had this on special for $22.93 and it comes in four color choices: black, gold, rose gold & white.

Zen Healing Kit

My sister Kathy took a chance on this 3-in-1 Microderm Healing Kit from  She noticed it online after searching for something to help her with her puffy skin in the mornings.  Not only did the ice roller included in the kit help with that, but the face mask has helped her daughter with migraines.  Kathy uses the ice roller after she washes her face and before moisturizing.  She says it is easy to clean with witch hazel or alcohol each time before popping it back in the freezer.  The third item in the kit is a derm roller with microneedles that exfoliates the skin and also can be used on scalp or beards to help hair look more full and less patchy.

Bellicon Rebounder Trampoline

Susan has been using the Bellicon for many years and she says it gives her the best overall low-impact workout.  My sisters and I have never been big gym people and enjoy fitness activities from the comfort of home.  The Bellicon company has revolutionized rebounding by taking the world’s most effective piece of fitness equipment and pushing it to its natural conclusion.  Their trampolines have a custom-formulated, extremely low-impact bungee suspension system that maximizes your workouts, giving you the best muscle-toning, core-strengthening, cardio-pumping workout in the world, all from a single, elegantly simple device. The Bellicon is also so gentle on your joints, and so much fun to use, you’ll be looking forward to every workout.  This trampoline does come with a hefty price tag (from $499 to over $1000 per model depending on your customization) however customer reviews and Susan herself all say that because of the quality of the workout and the seamless customer service the price was well worth it.  Plus, there's no need for a monthly subscription like other fitness machines.  Susan gets her workouts for free right from YouTube.

Hydro Flask Water Bottles

Kathy owns three of these bottles and really uses them in all aspects of life.  Here is Kathy's review of these bottles:

The tall 24 oz bottle I use mostly for ice water.  It maintains cold temps all day.  Even in a hot car!  Slim enough to throw in a book bag, golf bag or backpack.  Water tastes more refreshing with these. I often still have ice cubes in it if left overnight.  I also have the 12 oz and 16 oz sizes.  I am not a quick coffee drinker because I multi-task often.  The 16 oz bottle keeps my coffee warm all morning.  I often use the 12 oz bottle for tea.  So I use all three not only for work and recreation but for home use as well.  Hydro Flask offers a variety of styles and colors for your own personal tastes and needs!  You can find these bottles at where you will also find coolers and accessories!

Also, on our text chain, my sister Laurie chimed in how important it is to mention that you can buy different style lids for your personal preference.  This is how it works, we all add to each other's recommendations!

Enlightened Ice Cream

Both Laurie and I appreciate the taste and overall quality of this brand of low calorie, high protein ice cream.  The best part is that each serving is 100 calories or less and they come in a variety of flavors and forms such as pint ice cream or ice cream bars.  My personal favorite is the Brownie Cookie Dough Bar and at just 90 calories, it satisfies my chocolate craving without overdoing it.

R + Co Dallas Thickening Spray

Susan loves this hair product for giving her hair a "dirty feeling".  A product to make your hair dirty, I asked?  Yes, you know how your hairstyles better after it hasn't been washed in days?  Well, with this product you can have clean-smelling hair and the style benefits of unwashed hair.  She also likes that it's unisex and smells great!  You can find this product at a number of online retailers but I found it here on and they participate in Rakutan for 4% cashback which brings me to our next favorite!

Rakutan E-Commerce

All four sisters love and use this one!  If you are an online shopper at all, this site is for you.  You will earn cashback on purchases made at thousands of participating retailers just by clicking through their site to open a "shopping trip" with Rakutan.  It's literally that easy.  You get paid via check or Paypal deposit.  The stores pay Rakutan a commission for sending members to their websites and that commission is shared with you.  It's a no brainer and very easy to set up your account.  You also can set up a button in your browser bar that alerts you if a site you are on offers cashback.  Just go to to create your account and start earning!

Handmade Felted Soap Bar

These awesome soaps are handmade in York, PA by Flowing & Rooted.  They are made from 100% natural glycerin, fragrance oils, & essential oils and only the finest of handpicked sheep's wool roving.  What I love most about these (besides the yummy scents) is it provides some exfoliation acting as a washcloth and soap all in one.  And when you run out of soap, you are left with a little recyclable scrubby you can use with your favorite body wash so they are eco-friendly too!  These can be found right here on our website.

Erimish Bracelet Stacks 

Another product that all of us love to wear are these stackable, beaded bracelets by Erimish.  These fun bracelets are hand made in the US by sisters and entrepreneurs Ericka and Misha (hence, "EriMish").  These two girl bosses took their bracelet bar idea and turned it into a brand that’s now in boutiques and luxury retail locations around the country. Erimish jewelry and Bracelet Bars are available in over 10,000 locations, and Fresh Nostalgia is one of them.  Click here to view one of our favorite neutral jars, The Palmer Collection.

Hand Made Cards By Zac

FN is so excited to begin carrying these cards in-store and very soon online.  Hand made right here in Pittsburgh, Zac makes cards for absolutely any occasion from healthcare worker support to this lovely apology card!  We just love the creativity, wit and humor he puts into each and every card.  My sister Susan introduced me to this brand and we think you will love them as much as we do!

What Are Your Favorites?

I love my "Sister Squad" text thread as it's not only a way to learn about great new products and companies but also because it's a way to stay connected to my family. And as a means to help grow our FN family, I (and my sisters) would love to hear about your favorite products and brands for summer! Leave a comment below to share yours - you never know what we're going to love and perhaps think about adding to our inventory!


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