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Ten Things To Know About Fresh Nostalgia

1. All of our styles are hand curated by the owner, Beth (that's me!) and we are not a direct sales company.  I attend markets, trade shows and other wholesale events to create the perfect collection of styles for FN's ideal customer.  This is not an easy task because the FN customer is very specific!  She is creative, artistic even, and also has a love for all things fashion.  She is a risk taker with fashion but also appreciates the basics when they're called upon.  She follows trends in fashion but doesn't necessarily give in to them.  She is a believer in being herself - whatever that looks like on the inside and the outside - and feeling GREAT in her clothing each and every day.

2. Fresh Nostalgia will come to you!  Not only are we mobile and found in many places throughout the area, but we can bring the fashion to you at your home or place of business.  There is NO FEE for the truck to show up!  All that we ask is that you have 10 friends to attend the get together to shop.  So it's the perfect reason to host your friend's birthday, engagement party or even just a girl's night out!  We will even come to your office location to be available for your employees to get ther holiday shopping done.  They will not need to leave work to do it and it will alleviate some stress for them.  This is a great idea for an employee perk at the holiday time.  And bonus - the host or business owner/manager will receive a discount!

3. The name "Fresh Nostalgia" came from an application for an internship with Anthropologie.  Yep!  It's true - my dream was always to work in fashion in some way.  After a short career in Nutrition then a stay-at-home-Mom gig, I decided to try (a little later in life than some) to break into the fashion world.  So why not intern with my favorite store (to this day anthro is huge influence on me)?  For the application, a vision board was required and this was the title of my vision board, which still hangs in my FN office today.  It was a long shot since I was a newly single mom (new to the single part, not the mom part) of three boys and the internship would've been an hour and a half drive away!  All things worked out for the best and the internship rejection brought out that entrepreneurial spirit I've always had.

 4. The FN truck is known fondly as Miss Finnie.  I owe this one to my creative sister, Susan!  I knew I wanted a name with both an "F" and an "N" in it but I was drawing a blank!  All I could think of was "Fiona" and that just brought images of the movie Shrek to mind and that just would not do.  I vented to Susan about my frustration and she immediately responded, "How about 'Finnigan' but you should call her 'Miss Finnie'!" Thanks Susan!

5. Fresh Nostalgia LOVES collaborating with other small businesses.  I am always inspired and energized when I meet other small business owners.  And I especially love it when we can create a way to collaborate!  Whether it be an artist who hand cuts leather earrings [ True North Provisions ] that we sell on our truck and on our website or a local photographer who helps out with product pictures, we get energized each and every time!

6. Miss Finnie had a former job title of book mobile!  I purchased her in a Maryland government auction where she was retired after traveling to bring literature to young children all over Carroll County.  But she still had lots of life left in her and we think she looks awfully pretty as a boutique.

7. Fresh Nostalgia does not sell vintage clothing.  When people see the name "nostalgia" they think that we are consignment or a vintage clothier.  While I do have a love for vintage clothing (I follow some vintage shops on IG that I obsess over) we only carry new clothing.  The name refers to my absolute love for fashion throughout the past decades and how it repeats itself in fresh ways.  Hence, Fresh Nostalgia!

8. The FN colors are teal and peach which came from a Pinterest pin.  My actual FAVORITE color in the whole world is blue; like a true blue.  In fact, Crayola called it "cornflower" blue in their box of crayons when I was a little girl.  Today blue is still the most prevalent color in my wardrobe.  But, when I needed a logo, I hired a graphic designer on the website fiverr and he needed me to send him inspiration photos.  At that time, Fresh Nostalgia was only a pinterest board for me so I sent a color palette that I had saved that included shades of teal and peach and an old wooden teal blue door as the graphic.  This also contributed to the wrap design on Miss Finnie.

9. My hope for Fresh Nostalgia is that it becomes not just a boutique, but a lifestyle.  What I mean by this is that I want to be more than just a location to pick up some clothing.  It's a community for all those women who love fashion and love taking risks.  It's a support system for fashion and beyond.  One of my favorite things is when a customer stops in and we get to talk and connect on a real level.  I love meeting other women who appreciate our style and what we stand for!  I want to get to know each and every one of my customers and to be not just a stylist for them but a friend as well.

10. Big things are in store for Fresh Nostalgia.  Stay tuned because FN is going to evolve in the coming months, even years!  We expect to have some big announcements by Spring 2019!

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