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Salvaging Your Favorite Jeans

So, you may not know this but I’m relatively clumsy even around my clothes which I love and tend to like little pets!  The other day, I had the need for the use of my glue gun on a favorite pair of Hunter rain boots. I was in a hurry to get going to a lunch date and crossed my legs while the glue was still tacky.  Big mistake!  I learned that hot glue can be very stubborn on denim which is very bad when you’re wearing a pair of your favorite jeans!  So I broke out my scissors, needle & thread and an old pair of jeans I didn’t like all that much and gave them this look:

Yes, I did also break out the sewing machine for the zig zag stitch but before you say, oh gosh I can’t sew, keep in mind you don’t need to be even close to a seamstress to pull this off.  Luckily, the look demands a bit of messiness!

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