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Our Brick & Mortar Buildout - Market Square, Pittsburgh!

It's been a long road but we're finally open at our first brick and mortar location!  Here are some behind the scenes moments from this very exciting process!  So many people have helped out along the way so thank you to all of you, you know who you are!

Our first step was to fill our window giving a hint to every passerby just what was coming soon:



Next we had to get started on painting - we needed a blank canvas!  Mom and Dad were the first to help out!  Thanks to my awesome folks!


In between painting sessions, My sister's fiance Matt was helping me out building a table top for the cash wrap!


Next came the peel and stick wallpaper.  This was a new experience for both me and my dad.  We were both pleasantly surprised at how easy it was!  


Moving Day!  This took effort from lots of people!  My sister Laurie and her husband Mike who were babysitting Miss Finnie for a while drove her down to the shop to unload.  My boys were on hand for muscle, as well as my brother Bill.  While we waited for Finnie to arrive, the boys helped out getting ceiling tiles installed!


At this point, the Stikwood had arrived so I was super excited when my brother Bill had some time to help out getting this installed.  My oldest son Gabe was also on hand for help.  Stikwood is actually peel and stick reclaimed wood made from sustainable wood sourced from various locations around the U.S.  This stuff is amazing!  It actually was a fun day and I'd love to put some of this on a wall in my house someday.



At this point, I needed to get the balloons out of the window and try my hand at my first window display.  I got some muslin for the background and decided to use some of my folded book mobiles that I've used as a display at a couple of my shows with the truck.  This process went much faster with my crafty mom helping me....thanks Mom!


Meanwhile, my electrically talented brother in law Mike found some time in his busy schedule to make several trips to the shop to install lighting.  This took a lot of work and trial and error with some lighting that I picked not being the right size but we got it done!  And I'm so thankful to my sister and Mike for taking the time to help!


In between lighting installation sessions, my sister Susan and Matt helped out installing the rod for the dressing room.  It took me a while to find the right one for a corner dressing room but it finally arrived and Matt installed it for me.  He even had to take a part to his work to repair and then my dad finished the installation. Thanks Matt!  Thanks Dad!


The last big job to be completed and possibly the most important was our lovely reclaimed wood outdoor sign!  My brother Bill had an in with a contractor who fit us in his busy schedule to install.  This was quite a job so we all pitched in!  I injured the contractor but I think he's going to make it.


So that was how I pulled that off!  Thanks to everyone and I look forward to seeing lots of friendly faces at our shop at 33 Graeme St, Market Square Pittsburgh!  


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