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Fashion Trends of 2020 - Love or Hate?

By now we are into the full swing of feeling like summer is here.  Of course, this year is not quite the same as others where, by mid-May, those of us fashion fanatics are scouring the internet for the best sandal of the season and checking the weather every morning to see if we need a transition piece or if we can leave home without a jacket.  But - this is not your usual spring season.  Now that we are well into June, we here at FN are ready to explore summer dressing beyond sweatpants.  So here are the trends standing out this season, some we love and some we hate.  What's your take on each of these?  Any stand out as a clear winner?  Leave us a comment and join in on the conversation!

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A statement in the back of your top or dress is a fashion stunner both coming and going.  Here at FN, we dipped our toes with this flowing Feather Print Kimono Top.  The beautiful lattice window in the back only enhances the beautiful feather print detail on the sleeves.  We've also seen this trend cocktail dresses and in our opinion, it's never a miss.  The verdict: LOVE.

Fancy Bermuda Shorts

This 2020 trend shows many suit sets where the traditional trousers are swapped out for a severely cropped look they call upscale Bermuda shorts.  While we appreciate bringing a typical casual vibe to a workplace setting, we here at FN prefer to keep our shorts casual and out of the office.  This is one of those trends we feel works on a runway but not necessarily in real life.  The verdict: HATE.

The Midi Bag

It's not that big tote bags and mini crossbody bags are "out" this season but we've noticed a lot of midsize shoulder bags with an updated silhouette this season.  We have several styles here at FN from our basic Jane Medium Crossbody that not only functions as a shoulder bag but comes with an additional strap to convert to a crossbody.  Our true favorite midi bag this season is our Madison Cut Out Tote.  It has the flair of the cutout detail, is a medium-size, and has a vintage vibe wooden handle.  And bonus- this one comes with a crossbody strap too!  The verdict: LOVE.


We have seen so many forms of crochet in the 2020 trend reports!  This is one that you can do a head to toe skirt and top crochet outfit or just a fun top with some crochet detail at the top.  As I always say, here at FN we encourage our customers to wear a trend in their own way.  If you love the bold head to toe look, go for it!  If you just prefer a touch, you could always try out our Bubblegum Pink Crochet Top.  The verdict: LOVE.


This trend is just everywhere right now - splashed across denim jackets, sundresses & soft tees.  This trend always comes and goes but it certainly is here to stay!  While we love our retro decade trends here at FN, this one was never one of our favorites.  But now, with so many style & color choices (you can choose subtle pastel or bold brights), we are feeling like dipping our toe into the waters, especially in a casual favorite tee to pair with white denim which we always love.  The verdict: LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIP

90s Grunge

The 90s is still going strong in the fashion world and grunge is front and center for 2020.  The most prevalent outfit we've seen is the chunky boots paired with a babydoll dress.  For those of you who know me, you know that I was in college in the 90s and I was quite fond of this look.  It was my favorite get-up to go see the local band at Graffiti.  But now we must ask, is this a trend I can love in 2020?  The verdict: LOVE.  I'm a sucker for grunge no matter what the era.


Neon started showing up everywhere a few years ago and this summer, it's going to be everywhere again.  This may be because we all are gravitating towards color as a sign of positivity for a brighter future this year.  Whatever the reason, this one can be worn full-on head to toe in a matching tee and skirt or in a more subtle way with just a touch.  You can look fabulous without trying too hard with small items such as a neon bralette peeking out under a v-neck tee, a neon hair accessory, or a stack of neon bracelets with an all-black outfit.  The verdict: LOVE (with subtle touches).

Puff Sleeves

We are grateful that this one is here to stay for 2020!  This one made it's debut several years back but it's here to stay.  Many versions have adorned the runways but they also work well on the everyday woman who enjoys a little bit of drama in her fashion and is looking to draw the eye upwards adding height and slimming of the waist.  Our favorite piece this season is our Puff Sleeve Sweater.  We love the dainty floral print to give it that extra edge of character and just love it paired with white denim.  The verdict:  LOVE.

 What Are Your Favorites?

We would love to hear all about what you've seen this season that's encouraging you to give yourself a style confidence boost.  What are you swapping out your loungewear for?  Leave us a comment!


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  • Fashion trend 2020 was very loveable. Thanks for sharing with us. I hope you will share for fashion 2021.


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