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Finding Your Style ConFNdence

So often in my store, I've had women say things such as, "I'm not good at putting cute outfits together" or "I'm not naturally stylish like you".  I've been thinking about this a lot lately, especially given the state of the world at the moment with COVID-19, and how it's easy to slip into a mundane sense of style. I truly believe that while not every person has a natural inner sense of creating style, everyone does have the potential to be confident in their style and to be "stylish". What does that even mean to be "stylish"? My personal thought on this is being yourself. Period. What makes you feel good? Here are some tips are boosting your own style confidence.

A Closet Cleanout May be in Order

I decided to list this first because the first step in your style confidence journey is to toss pieces that don't make you feel good.  I don't care of they are a fashion staple that you were told along the way that you should have.  If they don't make you feel good, they have no place in your closet.

Say NO to Fashion "Staples"

This is just an extension from the first tip.  Not only is it a good idea to rid yourself of those pieces that don't instill confidence but also remember going forward to resist the temptation to make a fashion purchase based solely on it being a "must-have" for the season.  If you love it, yes.  If it's just ok, the answer is NO.

Shop Alone

Ok, so my shopping BFF (you know who you are) would not be happy with me about this one, but hear me out. I'm not saying to never take shopping trips with friends again (although in the current moment this is difficult anyway, but we're hoping to get back to it soon) - these can be fun moments that are important to our socialization and mental health! I'm saying that when you shop alone, you are less influenced by friends' input and you may end up either making a purchase that will not contribute to your style confidence or the opposite could occur where you may pass up something because it wasn't in your friend's style wheelhouse but it could be a big part of yours. So - if you need to build up your wardrobe with some feel-good pieces, take a shopping trip solo.

Wear Trends...Your Own Way

I've said this many times to my customers over the years.  I do follow trends in fashion and I do love to see what's new and exciting at all of the shows. However, I still stay true to what my style profile is and I don't necessarily include a trend in my wardrobe if it doesn't feel like me. Or, I may include it, just in my own way.  Last year, animal prints were back in a BIG way. They adorned every sweater, jacket, dress, and pants in a big in-your-face way.  I've always liked animal prints going way back to my teen years and I did carry plenty in my store at FN this year.  But for me, personally, I feel more confident when I wear them in small proportions - on my shoes, a belt, a clutch, or even a hairpin.  So, for me and my style confidence, that was the best way to wear that trend.

Stop Waiting For...

Another thing I overhear from shoppers a lot is, "oh, I'm waiting until I lose 10 pounds to buy new clothes" or, "I'm waiting until I get a new job (or go back to work in the case of stay home moms)" or, "I'm waiting until next season". I say, stop putting your style on hold.  ou are you 24/7 and don't we all deserve to feel confident in our wardrobe, no matter what the scale says or what job we have or what season it is?

Don't Let Body Hang-Ups Interfere

This goes hand in hand with the last tip, but I thought it was important to stress this. Your personal style is who you are - on purpose and all the time!  Don't let these hang-ups whether valid or not (usually they are not) interfere with your right to feel great in your clothes all the time. I have to remind myself of this on a regular basis. A while back I posted on social media about pencil skirts. I love pencil skirts but rarely wear them. Why?  Because I don't even clear 5'2" and am no longer that perfect size 2 and I have a C-section scar x3. Well, I found one in a vintage store with a floral pattern and colors that just spoke to me so I bought and I rocked it and it felt good!  I was no Gywneth, believe me, but I still felt good and that was all that mattered.

Explore Out of Your Comfort Zone, One Piece at a Time

If you see a piece in a store that speaks to you the way that pencil skirt spoke to me (trust me, I almost did not buy it because of my fear of pencil skirts) then give it a try.  Take it home and mix it with some other pieces that you already know make you feel, well, like you. You may be surprised at the style you've created with this approach and not be so reluctant the next time you come across a "risky" fashion item. I put "risky" in quotes because to me, the only risk in fashion is NOT being yourself.

Learn to Accept Compliments

This one is super important and I am constantly working on this with myself.  When someone compliments your style, say "Thank You!"  You will be surprised not only by how this will boost your style confidence but how much people appreciate that response so much better than a negative one.

We Want to See You Rock Your Style ConFNdence!

Fresh Nostalgia is looking for FN-atic Style ConFNdence! And to celebrate all of our own unique styles, we are hosting a style contest today until next Friday! Post a photo to Instagram or Facebook showing your Style ConFNdence and hashtag with #styleconFNdence by Thursday, May 21, 2020. We will pick our 5 favorites for a follower vote via Instagram Stories on Friday, May 22, 2020, at 9:00 am. The top 3 looks will receive their own discount codes (based upon ranking) off their next FN purchase!” (Votes will be counted after 24 hours, winners will be contacted via their DM for their prize).

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