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Indigo Hand Dyed Stuffed Elephant

Indigo Hand Dyed Stuffed Elephant

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What we love about these little guys:
Sustainably made and makes an adorable gift, especially for the denim lover!

About the maker:
Rubyzaar is women owned and operated business founded by sisters, Sarah & Molly Rubin. Fair trade and sustainable practices start from the bottom up. That is why Rubyzaar pays a livable wage to all people who contribute to the creation of their goods. To help sustain traditional craftsmanship and farming techniques, Rubyzaar collaborates directly with the weavers, tailors, tanners, and artisans. They are based in Brooklyn & Bangkok, and have been working with the same family-owned artisan collectives for over 20 years.

With every Rubyzaar purchase, you are helping to preserve traditional craftsmanship and sustainable manufacturing. Rubyzaar is sweatshop-free and fabulous.

The measurements are:
The large elephant measures approximately 9"W x 6-1/2"H
The medium elephant measures approximately 6"W x 4"H

Other things to note:
Handmade and hand dyed in Thailand, each one is unique.