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Handmade Lava Rock Sunburst Earrings

Handmade Lava Rock Sunburst Earrings

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What we love about these earrings:
These hammered brass earrings feature a brass sunburst and a black lava bead BUT what's really cool is that you can place a drop of your favorite essential oil on the lava bead for aromatherapy benefits all day long!

About the maker:
Little Paper Crane is a handmade jewelry company with modern, earthy designs to brighten up your everyday life and we just love an origin story like this one! Anita, the founder, created Little Paper Crane in 2005 out of a desire to be home with her girls. She wanted the flexibility of working from home, but more than that, she wanted to show her girls that it was possible to have a job that you love! She strives to create jewelry that is modern, but still show the unique signs of its handmade quality. Every design is timeless and well made so that you can be sure you are buying something you will treasure for years to come.

It is made of:
natural stones and raw brass

The measurements are:
Approximately 2-1/2" in length