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"Fearless Badass" Brass Bar Necklace

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What we love about this necklace:
A solid brass bar so minimal yet edge is engraved with "fearless badass" on the bar. A precious gift to give to someone who is free-spirited, or an explorer or a wild-hearted dreamer!

About the maker:
Wen quit her research job and focused her efforts on Sora (meaning “sky” in Japanese) Designs full time in 2009. Citing design inspiration in everything from vintage materials to geometric shapes, the sky is truly the limit for Wen, as she continues on her mission to make jewelry that is stunning, functional and affordable.

It is made of:
solid brass bar with shimmering black gold brass cable chain

Here's how to care for it:
Brass is like sterling silver, it will get oxidized in the open air over time. Use Scotch Brite pads to brush your jewelry if you don't like the darker look. Please keep your brass jewelry dry and don't wear it while showering.

The measurements are:
Choose from 18" or 24" length, bar is 40mm long and 10mm wide

Other things to note:
Nickel free and made in the San Francisco, California