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Effie Lucite Earrings

Effie Lucite Earrings

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What we love about these earrings:
Be bold and beautiful with these delightful drop earrings in 4 different color choices.

About the maker:
Béljoy is a distinct line of handcrafted jewelry produced in the US by local artisans. From 2015 to May 2020, we empowered men and women in Haiti through jewelry making. Due to COVID-19 and political unrest, production in Haiti is on hold. Nevertheless, Béljoy remains committed to building homes for women and their families in Haiti and investing in children's education. The name Béljoy reflects the joy and beauty seen in the hearts and faces of the Haitian people. Bél means beautiful in Haiti's native language of Creole. 

It is made of:
acrylic and 18K gold plated

Here's how to care for it:
• store jewelry in a cloth bag or small plastic zip lock
• use a jewelry cloth to clean everyday oils off
• avoid contact with chemicals such as hairspray, lotions, perfumes, etc.

The measurements are:
Approximately 1-1/4" long

Other things to note:
• waterproof
• non-tarnishing
• hypoallergenic