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Chaos Necklace

Chaos Necklace

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What we love about this necklace:
Out of the chaos of quarantine(and Amy's studio)came these beauties. Designed from all the random things in her kind and on her desk, each is unique and different.

About the maker:
Founded in 2013 by Amy Boyle, Grace Girl Beads specializes in classic jewelry with vintage style. Made from gemstones, leather and carefully chosen metals, each piece is handcrafted or curated for everyday wear. Whether you choose one or decide to stack several beautiful pieces, your own personal style will show through.

It is made of:
natural stones

The measurements are:
Approximately 14" in length

Other things to note:
Handmade in Huntsville, AL. Due to the natural stones and nature of this necklace, some variation will occur.