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Brushed Cloud w/ Pearl Fringe Earrings

Brushed Cloud w/ Pearl Fringe Earrings

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What we love about these earrings:

Transform your look with these adorably fluffy Brushed Cloud w/ Pearl Fringe Earrings! Each cloud is delicately brushed and decked out with freshwater pearls for a dreamy, ethereal look. Put 'em on, and you'll be primed for lookin' fabulous! (Plus, no rain showers in sight!).

About the maker:
Cat Luck, the creative force behind Collarbone Jewelry, began her journey with a dream and meager resources in 2010. A nomad at heart, she has traveled across the country, establishing the brand in Salt Lake City, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and NYC. Inspired by nature's raw aesthetics, Cat is a visual storyteller who combines pure metals, precious gems, and raw stones to craft striking pieces. In her studio in Pittsburgh, she passionately creates the eclectic Collarbone collection, using brass, bronze, base metals, and whimsical charms. From road trip adventures to workwear, find the perfect accessory in Collarbone Jewelry's versatile line.

The measurements are:
Cloud is 1-1/8" wide, drop is 1-3/4".

Other things to note:
Hand crafted in Pittsburgh, PA.