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Mother's Day May Look A Little Different This Year

By now, there surely isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. One group of people who certainly deserve more than quarantine is …. Mothers. In a little over a week, we will be observing a national holiday just for these special women. In my family, my siblings and I have always tried to make this holiday special for our mom, even though all of us 4 girls are also mothers ourselves. And with the world feeling as uncertain as it has, this year we have only begun to discuss how we will safely make it special for her on May 10. Let’s talk about some of the things we can do to show our moms a little extra love this Mother’s Day!

Option 1: A Zoom Pizza Party
My sisters and I were texting one day about what we were all having for dinner. You know, a typical quarantine keep-in-touch kind of text because there is nothing else to do but work & cook. Two of us remarked we were going to order pizza on the weekend (also commenting how much we loved pizza and if we allowed ourselves, we could eat it every day). This led us to the idea of a Zoom Pizza Party! We could all be eating our pizza while we chat over a video call and laugh about all the little things we miss about being together.

Option 2: A Social Distance Outdoor Picnic
What my Mom really misses about pre-COVID-19 days is our family get-togethers. This past Easter was especially devastating because Easter is one of the “big ones” in our house. She cooks these gorgeous, whole filet mignons for what usually turns out to be at least 20 of us. In keeping with this theme (and an eye on the Weather Channel) we thought a picnic outside at her house might be exactly what she needs. The outside space allows us to keep our distance, plus, gatherings are a bit easier to manage when we all bring our own food. We think all moms, not just ours, would love the quality time together.

Option 3: Create A Video Surprise
I’m not very good at editing and creating video slide shows but this idea came to me from my nephew Ryan’s wife. This year he turned 30 during quarantine and she asked all of us in his family and hers to film a short video wishing him a happy birthday and she asked us to be creative. Some did a video clip that was funny and some did tear-jerking shows of old baby pics of Ryan. The end result was passed around after being presented to him and it was really cool and tugged at all of our emotions. This made me think about creating a similar video for Mother’s Day. Surely someone in any family has someone who is halfway decent at creating a slideshow and I’m pretty sure if we all rounded up some old pictures (we’ve all been kind of doing this anyway in our quarantine boredom) then we could make it really special.

Option 4: Give Her the (at home) Spa Day She Needs
You know how stressed you’ve been during this time, and your mother has been feeling the same. Now is a great time to help her start practicing self-care by curating a DIY home spa gift. Think about the things that help your mom relax – her favorite scented candle, facemasks, quality lotion, bubble baths, even wine! Order her favorites and get her set for a full day (or even week if she uses the products slowly) of pampering!

Option 5: Surprise her with a Style Box from Fresh Nostalgia
We know everyone feels a little stir-crazy right now. And many of us can’t wait until it is fully safe to be out in the world again. Get your mom ready for her post-quarantine debut with a customized style box! All you have to do is give us your budget and we’ll do the rest! Choose from Fashion, Kitchen, and Self-Care boxes. Products available include scarves, candles, rollerball perfumes, tees, soap, clutch/crossbody bags, home décor, and jewelry. With a little insight from you, Fresh Nostalgia can’t wait to create a style box perfect to shower your mom with a little extra love this year!

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