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Last Minute Halloween Costumes From Your Closet

Yep, Halloween is upon us and while you may not be gearing up for a big soiree filled with people due to this year's pandemic, you may still want to have a little dress up fun whether it be with your pod, closest friends, or family.  Here are some perfect last minute ideas that you can put together in no time using fashion pieces right from your closet!

Bank Robber

Most of us have some form of black jeans or pants and a striped shirt in our closet.  Add in a black mask cut out of any fabric you have laying around and there you go - instant bank robber costume!  (Looking for a new black jeans staple?  Our newest arrival of Just Black Denim includes these amazing Scissor Cut Skinnies in black and we love them!) My boys and I did this one a few years back (when they were all still shorter than me, sniffle).  We added in some old plain colored pillow cases to use as our "cash bags" by cutting out some dollar signs in the same black fabric we used as masks.  Of course this year, an added facial covering for safety will only add to the costume!  Use your black one of course.  Here we are, back in 2016:

Cowgirl (or Cowboy)

Using a bandanna as your COVID facial covering?  Perfect, your costume is already partially done!  Grab your favorite plaid button down shirt or heck, any plaid shirt, pair it with any denim in your closet such as jeans or even a skirt.  Next add in some cowboy boots and a hat.  You can even braid your hair for an added fun touch.  Done!  Here is a blog post by Sarah Forshaw where she puts together a simple cowgirl.  Look how cute she is and she's got her bandana ready to go:


Fortune Teller

This one is good if your closet has at least one long flowing skirt.  Personally, I just am obsessed with long, pleated and full skirts right now.  Best to grab one with a fun print but even a plain colored skirt would work well, like our new Tulle Maxi Skirt in olive (shown below).  Pair your skirt of choice with any plain color tee or tank top, and add it a bunch of long chains (the more the better).  Use any scarf  worn around your head and let it drape down so that it can pulled up and around as a face covering when around others!  Another safe Halloween costume for 2020!

Zoom Call Participant

Now for the perfect costume to highlight this shit show year that is 2020!  You are sure to have the items in your closet for this one!  Start with a dressy, office appropriate look on top.  This works for men or women.  Fellas, put on your shirt and tie.  Ladies, pull out that dressy blouse or blazer.  Be sure to complete your upper body look with nicely styled hair and makeup for the ladies.  Then from the waist down - loungewear!  Choose either pajama pants or jogger pants such as these Sweater Joggers that I have on here from FN's fall loungewear collection.  Whatever you choose, the key to this costume is make your upper half as drastically different as possible from your lower half.  Throw on some slippers for added effect!  Also shown below is our Fitted Ruffle Blazer atop our Gauze Button Down Shirt.

Any Animal (Snake, Tiger, Leopard Oh My)

With the animal print trend in fashion still going strong, your closet is sure to have an array of instant costumes!  Here at FN alone we have so many animal print pieces that we are just wild about!  Shown below are:  Leopard Print Thermal Top, Snake Print Pants, Leopard Print Trucker Jacket, and Multi Print Animal Sweater.

If you're someone who hasn't opened their closet in a while (or hasn't had a real opportunity to dress up in a while), why waste your hard earned money on a new costume when you can re-xplore what you have at home! And we'd love to see your up-cycled costumes - tag us on Instagram or Facebook @freshnostalgia!

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  • Love that Zoom Call participant one! Quite appropriate.


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