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How to Support A Small Business Without Spending a Dime

Everyone these days knows someone who is a small business owner.  We love supporting small business because it helps the little people and therefore our economy grow.  But we can't always patron them whether it be because we are just not in need of their service (ie, your friend is a dog walker and you don't have a dog) or that we can't afford their service or products.  It's easy to forget that there are lots of FREE ways to support your friend or family member's small business.


1.  Like their business page on Facebook, Instagram or other social media.

Social media is the lifeline of small business today (and big business for that matter).  And you can help out more than you think by liking their page.  You can also invite all of your friends to like their page. 


2. Like and share their posts regularly.

Liking their posts regularly takes less than a second of your time when scrolling through your newsfeed.  If they have posted an event, click that you are interested even if you don't think you can make it.  This helps the algorithm allow the event to reach more people. And of course sharing the event with all of your friends.


3.  Comment on their post, even if it's with an emoji.

Commenting on a post will take a second of your time, even if it's with a thumb's up, heart, smiley etc.  Again, this affects the algorithm showing their page is getting activity and they will be seen more often. 


4.  Take 3 minutes to post a review.

Three minutes is the MAX this will take.  Whether it be on Facebook, their website or any other social media outlet, this will help any small business in a tremendous way.  So, if you love it, say so!  It's free! 


5. Invite your friends to like their page.

This can be done in a number of ways.  With Facebook, it's super easy with the click of a button.  In the olden days, the way to do this was to say, hey you should check out this cool local shop I like.  You can still do that too!  Another way of accomplishing this is to tag them on Instagram or any other social media outlet especially if you are mentioning them in a post.  Make sure to use the @ symbol before their business screen name and that it is highlighted.


6. Put their products or services on your birthday or holiday wish list.

Everyone loves getting gifts and it's even better when you know you are showing your support for a local favorite business.  Plus, Grandma will appreciate not having to figure out an Amazon link that you text to her!

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